Simple Kitchens

All right, all right, I admit it. If you've been following me on Twitter, I will admit to being just slightly obsessed with it. I think I'm over my initial obsession, but I do think that it is the perfect supplement to this blog! The problem, as with everything, is balance! But, throwing out those random thoughts and pieces of information on Twitter works hand in glove with the more expansive blog posts that I do. So, for expanded discussions, obviously, this is the place, right here. For random musings and piecemeal information, follow me on Twitter!

Today on Twitter, I'm compelled to share my thoughts on social kitchen design tips, so here is the search page for those tips.


I was contacted by a designer, Danielle Mac Innes, from Ireland, who asked me if I'd like to see her work. Of course, I'd love to see what's happening in Ireland! Following are just a few images, but I think they are interesting. I like the restraint used. The look is simple but with a great, and simple, use of color. Diane's company is Fuse Interiors.