Funny ha-ha or funny hmmm?

I was REALLY surprised when I saw this new remote-controlled prototype mechanism at the Rev-A-Shelf booth on Saturday. In fact, I couldn't believe it!

I wrote to Rev-A-Shelf in December 2007 to ask if my idea for a strictly vertical shelf-lowering mechanism was something they could think of putting into their line, as I thought it would be very useful for everyone, not just me.

Here's an email I sent a month or two later, after Rev-A-Shelf asked me for more details, and I think I must have sent my original email into their website comment box.

From:Susan Serra, CKD []
Sent:Wednesday, January 16, 2008 3:49 PM
To:Ward, Kevin
Kevin, I believe I gave some information on dimensions, but if I didn't, I will again. First, take a look at my blog:/journal/2008/1/14/the-kitchen-walls-came-down-my-apartment-remodel.html Look at the oven/refrigerator wall since it's been opened up. I will be getting a smaller refrigerator, a sub zero, built in. The microwave will go away from that spot. I'll be getting high end appliances. I'll have about 54" in width between the wall and the refrigerator. I want that 54" to be perfectly flat, one material, no cabinet doors, just something decorative. The hood I will get will be like this, very minimalistic to keep this sleek theme: I'll end up having around 24" in width between the new refrigerator and the hood. Since I'll have no doors, I'd like some sort of storage solution that will sit up in that area, able to be pulled STRAIGHT down and back up again, of course, as easily as possible. I think this could be a very innovative design and storage solution.

The response I received from the Product Development Manager was that they currently do not make anything like this. I knew that. And, here is what I saw at the show. I mean, I can't help but wonder!