Insinkerator Instant Hot/Cold Water Dispenser - Cool! (No, Hot!)

Out of the gate, I'll say it...the InSinkErator instant hot/cold water dispenser is the appliance that I didn't know I wanted until I was asked to try it. Sure, why not? Brings me one step closer to experiencing an appliance I have not used before, good for my knowledge base!

I never had one and I never thought much about owning one, even though I have installed many for my clients over the years. I guess it was the cooktop or microwave that did the jobs I needed.

It has a generous 2/3-gallon capacity that dispenses 200 degree water instantly. And the filtration system reduces chlorine taste and odor and is listed under NSF Standard 42 so you can be assured of its performance.

One of my first questions was that I wanted to learn about the green aspects of this appliance. It does use energy, after all. Each tank uses about the same energy as a 40-watt light bulb. That is enough energy to heat and cool the water that is currently in each tank. 

When you use the handle on the instant hot water dispenser, cool tap water flows into the tank. The cool tap water is first filtered and then heated to approximately 200 degrees F for the stainless steel tank and up to 38 degrees F for the chilled water tank, and flows into the expansion chamber where it's ready for later use. So, new tap water is filtered (FILTERED, YES!) and then displaces the hot and cold water that was dispensed. Since the dispenser is not used for extended amounts of time during each use, like a dishwasher or washing machine, it is a very practical and energy efficient product for daily use. 

Here are some great uses for it:

Loosen Jar Lids-great for Aging in Place Seniors.

Remove Labels From Bottles.

Remove Wax Residue.

Polishing Silver.

Polishing Jewelry.

Faster Cooking.

Warming Baby Food.

Quick First Aid.

Keeping Food Hot.

Remove Baked-On Food.

Melt Chocolate.

Remove Shortening.

Creaming Butter.

Removing Fruit/Vegetable Skins.

Cutting Cheese.

Cleaning Cheese Graters.

Scooping Ice Cream.

I love it because the cold water is cold and not only does it speed the cooking process but when I think of how long the gas cooktop has to be on to heat water over and over during the week, among numerous other things, this has to be a better solution.