Tour de Kitchens and Tour de France Together Again

Welcome to my third annual series of posts on French kitchens inspired by the Tour de France! This 3 week event is an excellent opportunity to celebrate authentic French kitchens and to study their many wonderful design details.

In the coming weeks, I'd love to look at all sorts of French kitchens, from modern to (really) rustic to those French country kitchens rich with charm and texture. Let's take these kitchens apart, look at the details, compare and contrast, and just admire what makes these French kitchens uniquely....French!

This year of the Tour is particularly exciting for me. After all, it's the Tour de Lance! Lance Armstrong has returned to the Tour to raise funds and awareness and to bring people together toward a common enemy...cancer. I think what he is doing is amazing. Check out Lance's videos and explore the site of Lance's foundation, Livestrong.  Follow Lance on Twitter, I love his tweets.

SO...onward! The prologue of the Tour began today in fabulous Monaco. What kind of kitchens do they have in Monaco? If you rented an apartment in one of the many apartment buildings surrounding the harbor to see the start of the Tour, most likely the style of the interiors would be largely simple, elegant, modern. I would call the kitchens an international style. They are nearly all very similar! Some sort of combination of stainless, black or rich browns and/or white, and you're done. Minimalist. Simplicity and elegance.

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