Kitchen Design Trends 2010

I'd like to share this piece with you that I wrote for on kitchen trends for 2010 and beyond. I spent much time in December contemplating where I feel we are now, and some "whys" too. I've thought about where I think we (many of us) are headed, for those of us who are contemplating changes in the way we live in our kitchens. Maybe these thoughts will ring true for you. 

I'd probably add one or two more things. I want to expand on my feeling about many of us wanting as much permanence or longevity in our design and products as we can get. I think that the recent recession, "The Big Recession" as I'm hearing it called, has truly been a wake-up call. I feel that there is a maturity, a sensible way of thinking, that has evolved. Where we can afford it, I feel we want quality. 

I feel that we want performance from the products we select over the long term. I definitely see that new clients seem to be more involved in the design process, more serious, and dedicated. They/you understand that this new kitchen truly may be a one time purchase, and it needs to be as perfect as it can be. That (importance) has been true all along, but, that call really woke us up! If you are planning a kitchen renovation in 2010, my guess is you will take it very seriously and you'll find it to be a very, very rewarding process. I hope you do!

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