A Kitchen Design Blog

It's three years today since I made my first entry in this blog! 

Holding a favorite Scandinavian plate in my kitchen from the island of BornholmMy initial thinking was that I finally had an outlet to talk about, really, to share, my 20+ years of experience as a business owner and Certified Kitchen Designer in nearly ALL types of kitchen design...super luxe high end to builders' condos, all different styles and themes, and kitchens in shades of (environmentally) green. I have lots of experience to draw from, knowledge gained from many sources, hopefully presented with a helpful perspective.


Always an intense student of human behavior (including my own ongoing navel-gazing) as well as being fascinated by the WHYS behind my clients' design decisions, in part, to make sure their decisions are authentic/organic to their needs and/or desires, much of this blog has been dedicated to highlighting potential pitfalls in the decision making process of designing one's kitchen.

Many people do a kitchen once in their lives. If not once, then at most, only a few times more. The decisions made NEED to be as right as they can be at those moments in the design process. It's a time to look in the present, as well as forward, and back, especially, as I help my clients and readers unravel habit vs. desire, as one example. This is a part I love about writing this blog and working with clients whether for a one hour session or for a year and a half project. It's easy and natural for me to "nudge", probing for answers, hopefully in positive ways. I simply love the process, and I'm good at it. I define the "still waters run deep" personality for better or worse...my kids will gladly tell you the "worse" part of my being a deep thinker. Hmm, my husband may too, for that matter.


At the time I started this blog, I also immediately thought, "Yes, now I can also share another passion of mine, one that is little known and rarely followed here in the US - Scandinavian kitchens! Yes, I'm completely biased, having a 100% Danish heritage as a first generation Danish-American, having visited my family in and around Copenhagen my whole life.

That said, there IS a quality to many Scandinavian kitchens that is unique, intelligent (not as much "stuff"), and just downright visually interesting - if not always beautiful in a conventional way. I've been lax and am gearing up to show you more of these great kitchens soon. I strongly believe the Scandinavian kitchen is at once classic and always fresh. 

At last count, I have close to 160 magazines from Denmark, Norway, and Sweden in my Scandinavian magazine "library" with a subscription of about 5 right now. They are all in my office, categorized by name and date. Did I tell you I'm just a bit obsessive? Let me tell you about my 200 roses from my previous garden, which we just left a year ago, not to mention the tens of thousands of rose, perennial and garden images in my hard drive. But, I digress. It's a blessing and a curse...but it is a life lived with passion, I'll tell you that! It may be why most of my posts are longer than shorter. 


Hmmm...good question! What would YOU like to learn more about from me? Please share that with me in the comments.

You can absolutely count on my continuing, and intense, observation of lifestyle trends in the home, talking about how new products make our lives delightful, all the large and small things we need to remember as we design our kitchens, and always...the meaning of life in the kitchen!

 I'll continue to (happily-cool food and people) trudge through 20+ kitchen/design events/seminars in New York City in one year, attend several design related conventions in and out of New York, scour the blogs and magazines for new insight, hang with my tweeps on Twitter and chat with fb fans (be a fan!) fly here and there for product training, and read every single press release. How lucky am I? This industry is the BEST.

And my readers? You're REALLY the best, and you feed my soul when you comment. Now, speaking of commenting, I do need to be better at responding to comments, and I will try. I read every one. I have my hand in so many things (big news on a few fronts to come) that there is always something that has to "give" somewhere. But I'll tell you this: the second I get a comment, I stop what I'm doing to read it however long or short it is. They just give me such joy during my day. I pledge to engage more with you, to reciprocate for the joy you give me.

Thank you!