My World of Kitchens!

And, I'm back! I'm more immersed than ever in the world universe of kitchens...maybe slightly underwater may be the better term due to my recent posting absence (I'm so ashamed!)

I honestly have four full time jobs right now: my design practice, all of the social media areas that I touch including the NEW blog I started, Scandinavian Kitchens & Design which is another labor of love, the coming launch of my new product line,, and another top secret beeeeeeg project I'm involved in, not to mention appointments, events, and jobsite visits which are on the calendar, one of which is taking me to Madrid on a speaking engagement the first week of October and to a GE summit two days before I leave for Madrid!

Besides that, part of this summer was spent with my dear and youngest son, who unpredictably came home for a couple of days from the city to look for a car with us and ended up staying for nearly 2 weeks, as his girlfriend had also left to visit her family out of the country for that time period. It was such a gift to have this quality time with him in July. Then, we moved him and his girlfriend to Columbia, MD, near DC, in August, to start their next 5 year adventure, his girlfriend attending a PhD program at U of MD. Of course, the move, and a subsequent visit to DC, was surrounded by multiple visits to IKEA and learning to eat crabs! 

Meanwhile, I've never been so stimulated in my life, professionally, by the new people I am continually meeting, materials I am seeing, and new information acquired, and I do love every minute of my busy day and now it's WAY past time to check in here, say a very warm hello and thanks for your patience. I will try to do scheduled blogging (a regular note on my calendar, saying "blog today!") rather than on the fly, which has not been working very well. The point is, it's a very busy time, but I'm happy as a clam, immersed in the kitchen universe, and am just trying to perfect the juggling! 

This ended up being a bit of a hello again post, so next time, I'll be letting you in on some of the pretty amazing things I've been seeing and hearing around the kitchen universe.