Tent London–London Design Festival

I’m here in London, fully immersed in Design Heaven! Part of the Blog Tour 2011 group care of Modenus.com and other sponsors, we are moving about London from one design exhibition to another, spending quality time at each inspiring venue.

Here’s a glimpse of some cool, kitcheny, products I’ve seen so far…

Below: Hanging light fixtures that leaves me warm and fuzzy by Kenichiro Oomori Moving Design

kitchen lamp

Below, beautifully made wooden kitchen utensils by Stovell Design

kitchen utensils

Below, awesome kitchen shelving by Studio Johnmale

kitchen shelving

Below, textured concrete tiles by Ivanka Workshop

concrete tiles

More design inspiration coming your way soon from Merry Olde England! Today, I’ll be “working” my way through 100% Design!