Introducing Scandinavian Made - Unique Ceramics & Hand Woven Rugs

As you’ve no doubt noticed, we’ve recently added the newest member to our family of brands under the Susan Serra Associates umbrella, Scandinavian Made.  You’ve heard us talk at length about Scandinavian design and style, as it’s the foundation of not only our heritage but our professional aesthetic as well.   Leveraging this passion, we are now bringing the best of authentic Scandinavian handcraft to your home with a carefully curated selection of one-of-a-kind vintage & newly woven rugs, and handcrafted ceramics direct from a select group of Scandinavian artisans.  Each of these artisans has never before presented their work in the US, and we are honored and privileged to be the vehicle for their debut on American soil.   

Take a peek inside our shop and you’ll be greeted with intricately textured and colored hand woven rugs, rich with a long history of an ancient Scandinavian craft and storied beginnings. 

Vintage Vara Rug

You’ll find delicate, ethereal ceramic work from Bornholm Artisan, Charlotte Thorup, and bold statement pieces Simon Koefoed. 

Charlotte Thorup's Wall Hanging Tile with Folds

Simon Koefoed's Puzzle Bowl

Dynamic texture, complex relief, and luscious glazes characterize Hanne’s work, while the dynamic duo behind Clib Klap allow rich hues to take center stage in their simple but strong colorblock vases.    

Hanne Bertelsen Oval Vase Bowl

Clib Klap Colorblock Vases

Ninna’s work shines in its simplicity, featuring a singular, stunning graphic line to define and elevate her useful, everyday pieces. 

Ninna Gotzche's Lidded Jar

Karin celebrates the organic and rustic nature of clay, using mottled, rich glazes and highlighting the subtle perfect imperfections of the medium.  

Karin Blach Nielsen's Stoneware Red Vase

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed poring over the works of each and every artisan and choosing the items that we felt best represented our aesthetic and that of our customers.  We hope you enjoy these pieces as much as we do.  They are intended to live with you through generations, bringing with them beauty and joy, and weaving artistry and hand craft through the fabric of your home.