Cosentino Materials For Kitchen And Bath - It's More Than Silestone!

Last week I went to the latest Cosentino Center opening in Westchester. It was a good reminder that Cosentino, a name so often synonymous with Silestone, offers so many more materials than engineered stone. I mean, did you know that Cosentino offers soapstone? Luxury marbles and granites? And much, much more. 

And did you even know that Cosentino has 20 centers around the U.S. with material in-stock? I did, but I rarely thought about it since there was not one near me, until I received the invitation to come to the opening in Westchester and was so impressed to see this facility and all it offers designers, trade professionals and homeowners.

Usually, when a client considers engineered stone for their home, as one example, they see very small samples. To be able to see full slabs is an entirely different experience. It completely changes the look of the material's pattern and texture.

It's an enormous difference when one looks at a small sample compared to looking at a whole slab. What may have been a noticeable pattern in the material changes to a much smoother, flowing look. Trust me, it is critical to see a surface material for your home in as large a piece as possible. Tiny samples are misleading. Here is a look at a Cosentino Center!

There are many centers in convenient locations around the country - it's a valuable resource for a once-in-a-lifetime project!