Chalkboard Paint In The Kitchen

Do you like chalkboard (also called blackboard) paint? Yes, we've seen it fairly frequently in kitchen design, but it's certainly not a mainstream trend, maybe something on the periphery in my opinion, so embrace it if you love it.

Here's a chalkboard look with a difference! I can see something like this in a kitchen on a big wall at the breakfast area. It's very artistic, don't you think? I shot this image at the kitchen design fair in Germany and every so often I look back at my images to refresh my memory on special discoveries. Just like we notice design in hotels and other public spaces, trade shows are where you always find innovation so I knew I had to share this example of chalkboard paint. With so very much to capture at a show, I like to bring out bits and pieces of cool design concepts throughout the year.

For those who are creative, or who know someone who is an artist, this could be a superb way to add multiple themes via the chalkboard to the kitchen as the mood or season changes. Create designs on the blackboard that are formal, modern, urban, country, or an eclectic design. Make it cool and cluttered as is shown, or the opposite - super simple with one strong motif. Tired of the blackboard? Paint over it!

Chalkboard paint is easy to use and easy to do away with once you tire of it. I LOVE change in the home. I think it's so important to build in the ability to change a mood into my designs. Why keep everything the same for years??? Maybe the way to set your version of the chalkboard apart is to use a colored paint for your wall. You can get any color paint you wish. It could be interesting to do a chalkboard look in a very light neutral such as a white, off white, a sophisticated khaki or very light and soft blue gray.

The best bet is to experiment on a large piece of 1/8" thick masonite or other smooth surface, put it in position and live with it awhile before you make the visual commitment. Play with colored chalk. Create a variety of designs to test them for design, scale, proportion and contrast and when you like something you have drawn take a picture of it for future reference because you will be most likely trying quite a few artistic concepts on the board! But, definitely do it your way!