Thos. Moser and The Cumberland Collection - Maine Meets Scandinavia

I visited rural Maine last fall, at the invitation of the folks at Thos. Moser to experience the entirety of the Thos. Moser brand, from design to the crafting process in the factory to viewing the pieces in their beautiful showroom. The new Cumberland collection brings this experience full circle to me.

During the year following that visit, every time I thought of the experience of those few days spent in Maine, which was week after week, I was overwhelmed. I was overwhelmed by the people, the processes and the incredible detail of their work along with their dedication and the brand philosophy. I took 636 images. I couldn’t stop taking pictures of my experiences while there.

Image by Thomas Moser

But, one thing that I didn’t expect to feel was a sort of emotional crossroads, an unexpected intersection between my personal Scandinavian heritage and my American roots. The two parts of me collided in a very surprising yet natural way as I became intimately acquainted with the Thos. Moser furniture.  

Those of you who know me know that I identify very strongly with Scandinavian design. It’s a design aesthetic that I grew up with and which, in later years, feel comfortable with in all its many iterations. Yet, I’m first a proud American and I am equally comfortable with and enjoy good American design.

Image by Thomas Moser The Thos. Moser brand, to my eye as well as to my heart and soul, features a stunningly original representation of a mid century design aesthetic with a wholly American point of view - for me, and I know, for many others - the best of both worlds. It’s uniquely American and American design at its best in terms of craftsmanship, simplicity as art and function and allowing the lines to speak for themselves in the most organic way. 

Image by Thomas Moser

I thought of Thos. Moser when I went to Denmark this past summer. Seeking out the furniture stores which sell authentic midcentury Danish furniture, it is always wonderful to see these historic pieces in their original finishes and materials. I thought how much English and French furniture styles saturate the American market. I thought how Thos. Moser focuses instead on design restraint - pure form and function - with the “less is more” philosophy of the Scandinavians. 

Image by Thomas Moser

That is the most difficult design objective of all - the use of restraint rather than the addition of ornamentation and detail to fill in perceived gaps. There are few American furniture manufacturers whose design directors appreciate the importance of design restraint, the beauty that comes from this philosophy and how pure function translates into beauty.

And NOW, again, fresh from my trip to Denmark, Thos. Moser has introduced a new collection, Cumberland, designed by Adam Rogers, Director of Design, inspired by Danish design. It is simply breathtaking. It is fresh and original. It is art and emotion. The finger joint detail in this furniture collection exemplifies the Scandinavian design aesthetic as function is on equal footing with form. Traditional materials, expert craftsmanship and modern design merge as the foundation of Cumberland in an exciting, new, way.

Image by Thomas Moser

Given the introduction of this wonderful new collection, I wanted to bring together my deep feelings about how Thos. Moser furniture touches me personally and also present the new Cumberland collection at the same time in this post. More images and insights soon from my time in Maine at Thos. Moser!