Signature Kitchen Suite Appliances by LG - Innovation, Design, Precision Cooking, Delicious

There’s a new appliance brand in town! Signature Kitchen Suite (SKS), the new luxury brand by LG Appliances has arrived as a force to be reckoned with in the kitchen and bath marketplace. Its provenance assures both brains and beauty in abundance, right? Gather ‘round as I share the very special and surprising attributes of SKS.

Signature Kitchen Suite appliances fit perfectly into any kitchen design!

Signature Kitchen Suite appliances fit perfectly into any kitchen design!

In mid-May, I was honored to be invited by Signature Kitchen Suite and Designhounds by Modenus along with 21 other top design professionals and influencers to experience SKS’s 23,000 square foot, brand new “Experience & Design Center”. We became acquainted with the SKS appliances in food-centric Napa Valley, California, the perfect location to unwind and redirect focus. The Center is dedicated to educating industry professionals not just on appliance features but on the “WHYS” behind those features.

Meeting rooms with state of the art media equipment, numerous (I lost count) full and beautifully designed kitchen displays to experience SKS and LG appliances in situ, an upscale working pub/bar/lounge and separate formal dining room which showcases SKS wine storage and a world class test kitchen with SKS appliances everywhere to teach cooking methods to visitors, complete with many tv displays to show every angle of the chef’s preparation steps, collectively, is one, huge WOW. And that’s only some of the features of this facility!

So, what is/who are Designhounds?? It’s a group of passionate design professionals, bloggers and micro influencers, an ever changing group who participate, based on their interests, in focused design excursions, brand sponsored events, US and international design fairs and other design specific events. Designhounds participate to be inspired, to learn, to be immersed in cultural experiences and ultimately, to grow personally and professionally.

A day in the life of Designhounds as seen on the mega storyboard in the lobby of the Signature Kitchen Suite Experience and Design Center in Napa.

A day in the life of Designhounds as seen on the mega storyboard in the lobby of the Signature Kitchen Suite Experience and Design Center in Napa.

Please note that my expenses were paid for by the brand for this trip and I was asked to share my honest impressions. I’ve shared negative thoughts and concerns about brands before. In this case, although a personal and therefore subjective wish list of features may not be included in the SKS collection, my overall, completely unbiased impression was 100% positive. In fact, many features went above and beyond what I deem good or desirable to include in an appliance. I found no negatives in fit and finish, aesthetics or function. You’ll also see where the quality approach comes from below and that is readily apparent in the products. It’s an exciting new brand from my perspective.

Here’s an overview of what you need to know about SKS.

Signature Kitchen Suite appliances represent the best of all worlds. It’s backed by the global brand LG and benefits from their great innovations in technology but most interestingly, SKS operates as, get this: A STARTUP! The small SKS team is a super creative, even entrepreneurial bunch, includes some of the best minds in the industry, accompanied by top chefs and all focused on a singular mission - to create a fusion of technology, precise cooking ability, great design and appliance innovation with the admirable concept of being “True To Food”. True To Food IS their maxim, in exactly those words.

The fabulous test kitchens of Signature Kitchen Suite in Napa, California

The fabulous test kitchens of Signature Kitchen Suite in Napa, California

Simply put, the appliances must interact perfectly with nuance and intuition, to allow food in all its varieties and variables, to reach its full potential in taste and overall quality.

Built from the ground up, the indisputable proof of the Signature team’s innovative thinking is their early collection of product awards for specific products: KBIS Best of Show, KBDN Kitchen Product Of The Year, 2018 IDEA finalist, ICFF Constellation Award and the prestigious “Best Of The Best” Reddot Award for 2018.

A relatively small collection of appliances, at this time SKS has produced JUST what is needed for the serious cook or the cook who just wants to play around and get amazing results. Following are some highlights of the collection.



  • Sous Vide module

  • Induction with smart pan sensing

  • Combi-Steam TrueSteam Oven with patented steam generator

  • Articulating handle

  • True Convection full size oven with patented Pro-Heat Convection system

  • Easy Installation with 4-corner easy access leveling legs

  • Powerful Gas Burners with two 23,000 power burners and digital timers

  • Fully Wi-Fi enabled and controllable

  • Speed clean and full self-clean

Genius. I say that because these features enable and encourage healthy eating AND quality preparation - with ease. Trust me on this - I have experience with all of these methods of cooking. If you care about food, these features are what you want.

You know the sous vide small appliance wand you see advertised? I have one. I love the outcome, but I know ONE thing. If I didn’t have to 1) go find and take out the huge container 2) fill it with water 3) find a spot on the counter 4) fiddle with attaching the wand to the container and 5) put it all away when I’m finished, I’d use it a whole lot more. If I had a sous vide module built into my appliance, ready to go at any time, I’d be cooking sous vide at least a couple of times a week.

To also have steam capability, true convection, powerful burners, induction AND wifi ability, would make this range a constant workhorse in my home.



  • Simple to install, universal frame kit

  • 6-way door panel adjustability

  • Clean, sleek and authentic metal interior

  • Bright LED lighting with no visible light source

  • Convertible drawer, first ever-full freeze to 42 degrees

  • Lift and Go drawers and bins

  • Wifi connectivity and control

  • Separate stainless steel panel and door handle kit

The convertible drawer is one of the best features of this refrigerator. It has FIVE pre-set modes: 1) Freezer 2) Meats/Seafood 3) Beverage 4) Refrigerator 5) Wine. As a designer, I consciously design my kitchens with flexibility in mind wherever possible. I see this quality at work as well with the SKS team. Design flexibility - whether incorporated into appliances or into a general kitchen design - is where it’s at. SKS also makes Refrigerator and Freezer Columns. Check them out.


  • 18” and 24”

  • InstaView Window

  • Touch Display Lighting

  • Light Control

  • True Sommelier App

  • Wood shelving

  • Flexible storage

Set multiple temps, display your special bottles in a raised position to showcase the labels and build it in super flush with surrounding cabinetry. It makes a beautiful visual statement.

signature kitchen suite wine



  • PowerSteam technology

  • For delicate wine stems to heavy/greasy baking pans

  • No pre rinse necessary

  • Wifi enabled with Smart ThinQ app

  • SmartRack with optional third rack

  • Super quiet at 40 dBA

This is just a sampling of the appliance innovations that Signature Kitchen Suite offers. Take a look at the Signature Kitchen Suite website to see the whole line. And, this is not all. They are planning new introductions so stay tuned.

Oh, did I mention the sous vide module in the 48” SKS range? Here’s what it does!

Oh, did I mention the sous vide module in the 48” SKS range? Here’s what it does!