Kitchen Design Chronicles - Gray's Anatomy

My kitchen renovation is in full swing and what a journey it's been up to this point - one that I will be sharing in the weeks and months ahead and there is so much to share! I'm fortunate to have a partner in the development of my kitchen renovation and that partner is Cabico Custom Cabinetry, which is sponsoring my kitchen cabinetry. 

The kitchen is that place where all five senses reside which manifests itself in your thoughts and feelings as the kitchen is used in so many different ways. It's a place that is more than just a design - it's an emotional environment in so many ways, don't you think? 

When you're a design professional as I have been for 25 years, you are your own client, and you have catalogs, resources, design ideas and your personal lifestyle needs all swimming in your head AND you're designing the kitchen for your forever home, that's pressure!!

I know the Cabico brand from the beginning of my career as a certified kitchen designer. At that time, and still today, Canadian cabinetry was known in the industry for its innovation in design and very much so for precision engineering. In fact, Canadian cabinetry was thought to be on par with European cabinetry's cutting edge manufacturing - or maybe it was vice versa, European manufacturing being on par with Canadian! The point is, I have known and respected Cabico Custom Cabinetry for many, many years and am thrilled to be installing a Cabico kitchen in my home soon. More about Cabico in another post.

Let's talk color!

I'm going about this a little backwards, but rather than show you today the colors that I considered, any of which I'd be happy to use and which I will soon show you, I want to show you the color I finally chose (after much back and forth). I want you to see it in context with other shades of whites and grays.

The color is Nantucket Gray. BUT, it's not just any gray. And this is not a gray to think of as a trend color. In fact, it barely looks gray! It's a highly nuanced, extremely flexible color that I know will stand the test of time. It's a bit warm, a bit white, a bit gray and a very elegant color.

All throughout this post are images of this Nantucket Gray door (my door will be a flat/slab door). Look at the door next to other colors and materials.

In some images, the door looks white, and it could look white-ish if you wanted it to. In my kitchen, which I'll later explain, I don't expect it to look white, or gray. I expect it to react to natural and unnatural lighting; be influenced by surrounding color and design elements for a look that changes, really, by the hour.

I also expect this color to be affected by the parade of Scandinavian Made rugs that I intend to use in the kitchen and change as the mood strikes. I love change and I look forward to seeing how Nantucket Gray changes in color and spirit with all these design and natural design elements working together. That's the thing to think about when designing a kitchen - you want to have a global vision of how light and design work together. This color, I know, will delight for many reasons. In truth of course, any color and finish is affected by light. But, it's good to keep that top of mind from the start.

And so begins the story of my kitchen renovation, and trust me, there are stories!! I want to hear your stories about how your kitchen changes with light and how you experience it AND how the color of your cabinetry reacts. Wait till you see the other colors I considered! I could have been blindfolded and picked any of them and be thrilled!