::Surroundings:: Guide to Decorative Living Kitchens Feature

Nearly under the wire in bringing you the latest issue of the Surroundings online magazine for May/June on my favorite topic, kitchens, Linda Merrill brings us some great kitchen design information in this issue.

If you don’t know Linda, I’d go so far as to say that she is one of THE hardest working, and most innovative, design bloggers. Linda not only writes the blogs: SurroundingsSilver Screen Surroundings, and Master of Your Domain, she also hosts The Skirted Roundtable and publishes her ::Surroundings:: Guide to Decorative Living digital online shelter magazine every other month. I thought I was hard working! 

Bornholm Kitchen 4In this issue, I am truly honored to be featured in Linda’s digital shelter magazine. Linda has featured me in an extensive interview and we talked abut my new collection, Bornholm Kitchen. There is no doubt that it is most gratifying to get the respect of my peers. With that as a foundation for this new product introduction (and a barometer), I feel confident about the future. Thank you Linda for this lovely feature.

I also like Linda's feature on "Appliances That Designers Love" and who doesn't love to look at Kitchen Bling, another feature in this issue? Linda does her research and does it well.

Take a look at Linda’s digital magazine and follow her in her various venues online. You will learn something – she’s a thinker on all things design focused.