The Modern Kitchen Pantry

The design of the kitchen pantry is an opportunity to play with form and function. The image below was taken by me at a kitchen fair in Germany, LivingKitchen. Take a look at the special design elements.

Finish - An immediate attraction for me, this super rich brown finish adds a large dose of immediate visual warmth regardless of its otherwise modern design. The grain has a horizontal direction, another hint of a modern aesthetic.

Cubicles - We quickly focus in on the three white cubicles, situated in the cabinetry in an asymmetrical design. The cubicles serve to project an unexpected visual treat, solely to add interest to the cabinetry. The high contrast of bright white surrounded by the rich brown finish serves as a visual punctuation mark!

Recessed Hardware - The hardware, recessed rather than a separate pull or knob, provides a built-in look and a modern horizontal shape. 

Lines - The rectilinear shape of the pantry cabinetry, unadorned by molding, accentuate its modern design.

Overall, these pantry cabinets communicate a look of modern sophistication. Think out of the (typical) pantry box to add your own special design elements. It's rewarding to just take a few creative steps beyond the typical which always results in a highly personal and timeless design.


Decorex 2011 – Blog Tour Kitchen Inspiration

As part of the fabulous Blog Tour 2011 group, founded by Veronika Miller of the equally fabulous website, our trip to Decorex, part of the London Design Festival, was simply fantastic, end of story. The creativity and innovation was such a joy to experience. Another type of joy was to see the way that classics, that is, materials or design, were updated to create a new aesthetic, a new definition of classic as well as modern. THAT experience = inspiration.

Here are some kitchen design elements that I found interesting at Decorex.

Below, cabinetry by Woodstock – who doesn’t love that name? Of course, the star is the fresh color, but I love the function too and the height of this taller cabinet.

woodstock kitchen

Below, also from Woodstock, the cool mix of light and dark neutrals. Notice, too, the subtlety of the rounded moldings. Love. Backsplash and styling – needs some love…

woodstock kitchen2

Below, gorgeous Dominic-Schuster mirror – could be a backsplash or wall area maybe? For pantry doors? Yummy! And it comes in a gazillion textures.


Below, a fabulous update of an armoire, bar cabinet, kitchen pantry, or breakfast room dish storage




Below, a GOR-juss dining table with Hans Wegner chairs by Isis Furniture

isis furniture

Below, Moroccan tile by Habibi (you are viewing the tile at an angle)


And, a quick shot of this very impressive gentleman who I know does something really important, but he’s also cute!


What’s your favorite??