Susan Serra, CKD, CAPS, President, Susan Serra Associates, Inc.

I am currently accepting new kitchen design projects. I only accept a few projects per year which enables my kitchens to be fully developed creatively, functionally and with joy, quality time and patience. 


Are you planning a kitchen remodel? Or, are you building a new home? Have a pocket size kitchen that must be designed for perfect efficiency or the grand kitchen of your dreams (or anything in between for that matter)? Any type of kitchen design style may apply! I am also available for hourly consulting at $200 per hour. You will receive a wealth of information and insight based on my 25+ years of experience, CKD designation and as a known expert on kitchen design within the media and kitchen design industry. See About. 


Here's what you can expect ... I design my kitchens by taking time to learn about my clients' lifestyle needs and desires. My goal is to help my clients personally express these lifestyle features into a kitchen that immediately feels "right", one which is a perfect fit. I do this by being acutely aware (at every moment) of the difference between pushing a client and "yessing" a client. Thus, the sweet spot, my style, is guiding, double checking, and seeking fun, interesting, and smart ways to communicate important design principles and ideas. It is truly a collaborative process. There is no need to rush, just a process which has a perfectly natural pace for the project, with lots of patience on my part.


Together, we will work on your design via our project management website. Uploads of drawings and images, all conversations between us, 24/7 access to your information, product information uploads, mechanical drawings, and everything that is needed to execute a highly detailed kitchen design can be effortlessly accommodated on our secure project website.

This is a valuable and efficient service, one which arguably is a better way to work together than typical/local kitchen planning appointments. Often, there are weeks of time in between each (local) meeting. Then, meeting time arrives with no real way to access previous conversations and information previously discussed. The solution? Having it ALL online, all the time, quickly searchable, with high quality services performed in a timely fashion! It not only works, it's the ideal solution. Add video chats into the process, and THIS method is the very best way to work together. Not only can we see one another in real time in video chats, but I can move my web camera to my design program on my 2nd monitor to show design elements and make changes right on the spot. I can also move it to my third monitor for other meeting needs.


Products can be specified and ordered. It simply makes sense that the designer responsible for the kitchen design, who knows, intimately, the needs and desires of the client, the quirks of the client's home and all other information (many hundreds of little pieces of information) remains the one who ultimately orders products for the kitchen. But, that decision is always the client's. How is the jobsite measured? You will fly me out (or I will drive, depending on distance from Long Island) and I will measure the jobsite OR you can provide me with measurements as well. Samples of cabinetry can be provided. I've executed kitchens successfully around the country for years.


I select very few projects each year. As a result, if we are a great fit, your project will receive my full attention, patience, and joy of enhancing your lifestyle in the kitchen for years to come. Contact me for more information.