Kitchen Ventilation - Copper Hoods

I received this really cute email yesterday from an artisan who makes hand crafted copper hoods. Here it is:

Copper_Hood_2-1a.jpg"Hello, I am writing this letter in regards to a product I make that I think you might be interested in, Copper hood ranges, at the moment, I make them in my spare time but I would like to eventually make it a full time job, there a few different styles I can make and I attached a couple pictures.  By trade I am a welder and I learned how to make and design them while working for a company in Alberta Canada, I try to offer the the best possible price."

The fabricator said he works only with design professionals because there are so many critical dimensions involved into custom making a hood, including issues with shape and proportion. Pairing a hood with the proper ventilation appliance becomes a whole separate challenge as well, in terms of dimensions, cfms, ducting options, and more. Likewise, he prefers to communicate with a design professional on finishes, material properties, and all other details mentioned.

Design pros, contact me for further information.