Black Kitchens - Trending NOW!

I know you're ready for some wonderful kitchens! Last week was mostly an informational week, and I think we need a few days of kitchen eye candy, or, let's prepare dessert first in our kitchens!

What a treat today, to see THIS blog mentioned on Decor8, by Rachel Perls of Hue Consulting. Rachel talks about the "black" trend in all things interior design related, including kitchens. Black, absolutely, is a trend in kitchens. I'm observing this trend is only getting stronger. I have to say it is stunning. It may be best dressed up, as you see in the little black dress, always a classic.

But, is it a classic, in terms of kitchen cabinetry? That is the question! Surely, we are seeing so MUCH black these days, but I'm still not convinced it translates to a classic in the kitchen. I predict it will be dated in five years.  I'd tread carefully around black, if you can resist it! Can you? 

Take a look at Rachel's take on black. She is a color expert, and her point of view is interesting and insightful. Images from decor8.

Or, you may want to add a black accent piece, rather than commit to black in your cabinetry, as I did in this kitchen I designed before black was even a whisper! There are other black accents in and around this kitchen: