Antique Kitchen Cabinetry - Get The Look


kitchen-furniture-styles-01.jpg I saw this gorgeous image from one of my VERY favorite blogs, The Reclaimed Home, and I immediately knew I have much to say about it. For the moment, enjoy this beautiful kitchen. Later today, when things calm down in my schedule, I'll be back to talk about it in more detail. I'm crazy about this look (and it's not even my style.) More later...what do you think of this kitchen?

OK, I'm back.  Let's take this a step further. You want this look, but you really want it to look authentic, but you don't have the time or inclination to scour the flea markets and salvage yards, or if you do, you've come up with something, but not nearly enough to outfit a whole kitchen.

Rustic.jpgYou've got to know about Draper DBS cabinetry. Shameless self promotion aside, you just need to know what this company does. I took on this line of cabinetry for my clients because I was seeking authenticity...and I found it.  To me, authenticity is defined to be as close a replication to an aged patina as possible.

Draper DPS has worked with reclaimed woods, a great way to get a)  modern function and quality from new cabinetry and b) the look of antique cabinetry. Very wonderful.

They also (and truly, this was one of the biggest factors of why I needed to represent this company) hand plane their doors and other wood pieces on request. This means that the doors can have that slightly imperfect, handmade look. They have a variety of other distressing techniques as well. And, do you love that well worn painted look? Draper DBS has that too. Fourteen coats of paint later, a labor intensive process, you can get that multi-dimensional, sort of rippled look that is charming...and authentic!