Green Kitchen Cabinets - All Or Nothing?

This is a good opportunity to introduce my colleague and friend, Kelly, who just started her blog on, what else, kitchens! It's called Kitchen Sync.

Kelly also has that golden attribute "experience," always a good thing.  Let's add to that, good judgment, good knowledge, and good creativity, and you have an interesting blog. I had asked Kelly if she wanted me to introduce her sooner or later. She forgot to answer that question, so, based on this great post she did today, it's right NOW!

Kelly talks about some of the challenges we designers face today in both identifying what is "green" and defining "green" in methods and materials involved in kitchen remodeling. I've talked about that too, and I agree, there just is no black or white, rather, shades of green. Ultimately, our clients will decide for themselves what their definition of green is. And, I, and Kelly, in the meantime, work hard to increase our knowledge of sustainable issues relating to our clients. Good stuff, Kelly.