Trend Focus - Gray Matters

Gray is the new beige, according to Met Home's November issue, although some are saying gray is the new black. In the kitchen world, we're just on the upswing with black, let alone gray!

I have to say, I remember the gray kitchens of the 80's. They truly were awful. The were either gray glossy formica or gloss lacquer with medium gray 12x12 ceramic tiles on the floor, softly shaded. Always 8x8 medium gray tiles in the bathroom. Maybe an ivory formica breakfast table with large ivory chairs that swung around, of course.  The moment it came into vogue, I, for one, hated that gray trend. I wanted to say, "Don't you see what you're doing?? Stop it!"

This time it's different. There are a variety of grays, not just the super cold one trick gray. You see warm grays, dark gray/blues, grays paired with tan...and, unlike in the 80s, traditional looks with gray rather than solely modern. Point being, if you happen to like it for the long term, make it into a classic, rather than a trend. Here's coverage from Danielle at  Style Files.  

gray%20white%20kitchen.jpg gray%20cream%20kitchen.jpg



































From Heath Ceramics, gray, in context of blue and brown. Grace, from design*sponge was in San Francisco just last week and visited this tile showroom. See more here.


Other ways to use gray is paint, dishes, textiles, and other decorative items. The great thing about gray, is how it reacts with color. It's a wonderful backdrop for color, shades and contrast.

What about you, what do you think of gray??

Update: Just found this gray inspiration on Belle Vivir.