A Kitchen Treat

Happy Halloween! In honor of this holiday, which could go either way, depending on my mood (tread carefully today) I'll give you a treat, rather than a trick! Take a look at this (appropriately pumpkin colored) kitchen. How charming is it?? A perfect kitchen for today, October 31, with it's warm, cozy, colors and materials.

I do believe this kitchen has not been changed for quite a few decades! I really should find out how many decades. It is used every single day by Thorvald, my (very active) 93 year old uncle in Denmark. Images were taken in August when I was there on vacation. I've seen this kitchen all my life, and this trip was the first time it occurred to me to photograph it. I'm so glad I did. Don't you see a life well lived? Notice the case of Tuborg beer in front of the curtain in the fourth image-he's always ready for guests. :) Enjoy this special treat!