Beautiful Kitchens - Western Interiors

There's a small part of me that would love to do a kitchen out west, if I had a home, or for someone else, for that matter. What would I do? The whole rustic Colorado/Montana/wild west look? Or, maybe a kitchen with a California mediterranean/Spanish ifluence. Or, an elegant, San Franciscan back in time look? I don't know, but I do dream about a western kitchen. Or, maybe I'd choose sort of a modern, yet, warm, kitchen in Oregon or in Seattle, maybe? That could work out quite well.

I first saw these at Apartment Therapy San Francisco. and gasped! What a treasure trove! They are from Western Interiors magazine.  Sometimes, less is more, and sometimes less is, well, less. You'll find your favorites, which, after all, is the point...there's something for everyone. :)

You've got to see it in the slide show...go ahead, waste a little time and get into the kitchen dream zone...zzzzzzzzz