Retro Appliance - Chambers Copper Range

A blogging friend, Dean, from Calfinder, a free service connecting homeowners to contractors in the San Francisco bay area, sent me an image of this amazing range, which resides in his parents' home in Newport Beach, Caleefornia. Isn't it wild? Surrounded by the soft grays and whites, really makes this range the focal point, the star, the diva of the kitchen!

More about Calfinder. Calfinder is a very unusual type of contractor referral service. The people at Calfinder, well, here's a short description, which says it better than I can:

"Before we certify a contractor we perform a variety of checks. Below are just a few of those checks:

  • In-depth check of current license and insurance coverage
  • Personal interview with at least 10 previous clients ensuring customer satisfaction and business reliability
  • Ongoing monitoring and customer satisfaction surveys
  • Follow up with each homeowner we work with to ensure that our contractors are providing a great service"

They also have a blog, which is a GOOD blog on home improvement, lots of information on green remodeling, and an easy form to fill out for the services that you are looking for. I can't imagine how much more confidence one can get, beyond having someone personally check ten references before they will refer a contractor. Quite impressive. I've spoken with several people from Calfinder, and I can tell you that they are nice, and smart people to deal wtih. If I didn't feel that way, I would not write this. My previous thought was that these types of services are nameless, faceless, beauracracies. This one is not. I'd love to know what some of the questions are that they ask. Maybe Dean will stop by and share a bit more information.

Take a look here for more images of the diva copper range.