retro kitchens - kitchen nostalgia or shredder material? Kitchen #1

old kitchen124.jpg


Each Saturday morning, I will be reintroducing a kitchen from years past, dredging up either a) memories which will thrust you into therapy anew assuming you are from that era, if not, you were thankfully born into a better kitchen era (except for the grays of the 80s) b) give you an urge to don an apron and find a rolling pin and probably other unpredictable reactions. Thus, I apologize in advance for the rude and (tasteless) reminders, but I couldn't resist!  I've even made a category just for memorializing these kitchens. I mean, look, after all, orange is back in! Chant with me now (preferably with raised fist): NEVER AGAIN!!

Can you guess the year? AND, how many jokes can we make about this kitchen?