White Hot Kitchen!

The last post really hurt me. Everytime I looked at it, and I'm not kidding, I had anxiety! The yellow, the orange, the brown...the pain was almost unbearable. And, I can't wait to do it again!










So, now, for something a bit more current. Come with me, mod design fans, back to the future, and take a trip to Europe, (I'm not paying) in design style only, to where modern furniture design, truth be told, has its origins. In Scandinavia, in Denmark, to be specific.












Here's my good friend, Lone's kitchen. Lone (pronounced Lona) Bager is the owner of Kobenhavn Design, kobenhavn design, a to-the-trade supplier of modern Danish cabinetry, including wood countertops.  Lone is based in New York City, in the east village, and operates out of a fabulous design studio.











The philosophy of Danish design is that there is beauty in the "whole", as opposed to the individual pieces of the whole. The phrase "less is more" was invented just for this concept. It's about function, simplicity, and therefore, beauty. 

Note the simplicity and elegance of the cabinetry in the dining area behind the table in the second to last image. Pure function in classic proportions. The beauty lies in restraint. It takes a lot of discipline to allow this type of design to just "be". It's not so much modern, as timeless. Love it.

The cabinetry, affordably priced, is multiform and is available "to the trade" via Lone.