one thing led to another...

...and I ended up with 4 houses in fabulous urban and resort locations, all mine! How lucky is that? We had the mega millions lottery drawing here 2 days ago, I think it was somewhere around $370 million! I guess I don't have to check our tickets...two people won, one in New Jersey and one in Atlanta. Goody goody for them. Me, I had it spent already...some for me and my husband, some for family, some to give to noble causes, making me guilt free as I turn shopping into at least a part time profession.  Oh yes, I guess some should be saved too.

IMG_2031a.jpgAs my husband and I dreamed (mostly me) which we like to do just before the "big one", I figured we'd get a penthouse in Manhattan (but where, uptown or downtown?), the house in the Hamptons, the house in Martha's Vineyard, a large apartment in Copenhagen (love those Danish kitchens) and maybe something in California, but that would come later.  Let's not forget about the Caribbean!

Four new kitchens.. Four different styles, how much fun can one have?  I may want to live in an 800 year old building in Copenhagen and have a sleek, minimalist kitchen, yeah. Love that combo. However, I do like to mix things up, to be eclectic. My preference is to layer several styles/themes into a room, although in small ways.

I feel my own kitchen right now is contemporary yet charming, two very different words! But, why not? contemporary/charming? traditional/minimalist? Sure. It's very doable. Don't feel you must be pidgeon-holed into one style, you just don't have to be. If you're conflicted about style, then the answer is you integrate both, or more. You don't have to know exactly how at the moment, just that you'd like to. That's a good enough start. What styles reflect who you are?