retro kitchens - kitchen nostalgia or shredder material? #9

So, kitchen fans, today's kitchen is from the "Yellow Period". Or is it from the "Brick with Black Grout Period" or, as I said another week, from the "Lionel Richie Dancing on the Ceiling Period"!

Look, good for the homeowners. My guess is they were very happy, cheerful, optimistic people, don't you think? Good for them, that they had the guts to go for it! Linda from Surroundings, can we even go down this road, as a companion for the bachelorette pad??

It looks apparent to me that someone had the foresight to recess the, normally monolithic, refrigerator. My guess is this was done because they wanted to have much more space on the opposite side, although that area is not shown. I also guess that the emphasis for, and placement of, ample counter space was on the other side because of the radius cutouts on each side of the cooktop.

Which makes me wonder if the refrigerator could have been positioned where the desk is, thus allowing for much more space surrounding the cooktop. But, who knows?

I cannot see any connection between, or reason for, the combination of the brick and the ceiling pattern (but I think in the 70s brick was obligatory as was pattern of ANY type). And, of course, more pattern was needed in the white lattice doors, and let's not forget the floor!

But, you know what? The owners get lots of points just for the overall happy effect. And, do to two different countertop colors at that time? Come on, how haute couture was that!

Scrappy Girl from Domino...thanks for the mention, is this what you had in mind for your kitchen? 

old yellow kitchen018.jpg