march toward KBIS - new product introductions

My separate KBIS folder is packed full of emails, I lost count. Invitations to special press events, new product information, sneak peeks...I love this time of year! Spring is definitely the kitchen season and I'm all geared up for the show, as I am every single year. So here are a few of those sneak peeks.



ge-cafe-collection1.jpgFirst up, GE is launching a new line of appliances called the GE Cafe Series. "The new GE Café series offers a suite of appliances for those who not only love the look of stainless steel-wrapped technology but who actually love to cook and entertain family and friends. The freestanding line of appliances also makes this an easy upgrade for nearly everyone."

Not everyone wants or can afford high end built in appliances. It's very important to have a source for appliances "for the rest of us," as my clients ask for from time to time.  -susan




"Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet introduces the Edo, a new sculptural grill inspired by Japanese design and cuisine. Form meets function as the lustrous, hand-textured stainless steel top glides open to reveal the controls and the 432 square-inch grilling surface. Closed, the sleek, simple form could be mistaken for a beautiful outdoor table or piece of sculpture.

There are two control zones with a total of 50,000 BTUs, powered by Kalamazoo’s signature cast stainless steel dragon burner system. The fuel tank is concealed in the base of the grill. Liquid propane is standard; natural gas is an option. Hidden casters make for easy movement. Kalamazoo’s unique customized grilling surfaces are also available."

With outdoor kitchens so hot, it's great to see some innovative designs for grills. I'd much rather gaze out my kitchen window and look at something scuptural than a big, old, common grill...or kettle. But, that's just me. Very cool. -susan



Swanstone Granite Sink.jpgSwanstone

"Quite possibly the most innovative sinks in the world. Swanstone's newest granite kitchen sinks blur the lines between single and double bowls, offering the advantages of both. The Ascend and Large/Small Bowl combine the most sophisticated design with the functionality, durability, and quality for which they are known."

As a kitchen designer, I know Swanstone to be a well made, well priced, reliable product. I think these sinks have style and function going for them. I'll be looking at them at the show. It's all about the low divider between bowls offering more options for our favorite activity, washing stuff as efficiently as humanly possible. -susan



KWC-ONO-HIGHFLEX-1.jpgFor that new sink, you need a new faucet...

"This smart new kitchen faucet has an operating lever made of robust yet astonishingly thin, hardened stainless steel. The innovative movement system means that joints and edges which could become dirt-traps are kept to a minimum, while the stream of water flows elegantly and precisely. The “highflex” spring hose, with its accurate and wear-resistant flat-topped spout also swivels 360 degrees.

The KWC ONO HIGHFLEX also produces two types of water stream because of the unique two-stage operating system. At the first stage, a practical filtered stream, and at the second, a powerful pressurized stream for removing tough food residues."

To me, it looks useful and stylish. I happen to appreciate clean lines and the beauty of simplicity. The combination of straight lines and curves is also an interesting aesthetic. While at KWC, check out Eve as well. susan