ICFF - cool stuff for kitchens

I went to ICFF yesterday in New York. What a show. It seems bigger than ever. ICFF is the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, and International it is....many countries are represented, grouped together in their own areas. This is a wonderful show. The products are highly creative, with such beautiful finishes, colors, textures, it's the best of the best I think in terms of creativity for modern design. I was crazy about this show. Lots of ideas for kitchens, creative, fun, or just alternative ideas. Really gets the creativity flowing.

table_large%20ICFF.JPGI will be putting products up from this show for some time, as I will from the KBIS show as well. There is not a "shelf life" that is just days after the show to be compelled to finish reporting on a show. There are so many wonderful items, it will surely take me months to get through the great items I've seen, so look forward to fantastic ideas and resources over time.

Here's your breakfast table in the city or the country! This table just thrilled me. I love it, and if I could have it in a circular version, I'd put my money right down on it. It's fantastic, don't you think? It's by Mark Cwik.  Love it!

barkskin%20ICFF.jpgAnd, along the same theme, from Caba Company, here is barkskin. A natural handmade wood material for wall coverings or anywhere your imagination can envision it. It is an organic, hand pounded bark material. I think it's fantastic. Why not on a backsplash, covered with 1/4" clear glass? It comes in colors, in very soft, subtle shades and in deeper, stronger textures as well.