icff - A crystal hood for the kitchen

I went to the Elica exhibit at ICFF on Sunday and stopped short when I saw the display of the crystal ventilating hood! Elegance is an understatement, it's crazy bling for the fish odors! They had another one on display too, which changed colors every few seconds. That's a WOW, if I ever saw one! Elica, divorcing from partnership with Zephyr, a well known hood manufacturer, will be in the U.S. under its own power (I couldn't resist.)

Talking about power, I know the next question is, how much? Well, let's just say it's the cubic zirconia equivalent of function, BUT, with 250 cfms per unit, they tell me they frequently install two over a cooktop. But, truthfully, they admit that they suspect many who purchase this are non cookers. What ever gave them that idea??  

crystal hood042.jpgcrystal hood043.jpg


And, here is the lighting fixture, Hungry, from Fabbian! I feel so uncreative, I never thought of a storage solution like that for utensils...


silver lighting045.jpgsilver lighting044.jpg