icff - Kitchen Chic!

One of the reasons I love to go to a show like this, a non kitchen focused show, is to be open minded and look for wonderful items that may not be designed specifically for the kitchen but can be adapted as a useful piece in the kitchen. Here are a few items which blur the lines between kitchen and other living areas. Blurring is a good thing!

zig_zag%20Tucker%20Robbinsa.jpgTucker Robbins, blending "authentic tradition and contemporary life" has some very amazing pieces which are used as either tables or stools. And, YES, the pieces come in varying heights, depending on how it is used in the kitchen. The image is just one style, but trust me, you MUST go to the website to see all the other great stools. 





I stopped and looked at this piece by d.e.Sellers.  I don't know why, but I thought of things like copper pots, cookbooks, large bowls, and other progressively smaller items as the shelves get smaller. I immediately thought it could be both useful and interesting in the kitchen. It is made of one piece of 4x8 material, the kind used in cutting boards! It's both art and function. I saw it in black on the floor, which looked great.









Pharos%20Lighting046.jpgI love this Pharos pendant lighting by Niche Modern. First of all, I enjoy the color palette. The pendants come in either transparent or opaque. I think I prefer the transparent, although they are both beautiful. The jewel tones are beautiful, and imagine the glow! They are available in either 40 watts or 75 watts. Please do me a favor and hang these low! Too often, pendants are hung way too high! Get that intimate, cozy feeling hung a little lower than normal.

So much more to come from ICFF and KBIS over the coming weeks. Stay tuned!