Kitchens Around The Blogs

RupertScottbacksplash2.jpegA slow weekend around here, mostly spent in the garden, in and out of the house, depending on my mood. Either way, relaxing, and I hope you are too! I found some interesting things on kitchens!

First up, a couple of recent posts on Desire To Inspire.  This is one very nice example of kitchens from Israel, and another post from DTI, here. One, all about storage, the other all about open shelving! 

Next, from my colleague in Westchester, Mark R. LePage, AIA, where I'm sure he lives well, is a discussion on the kitchen being more than the typical hub of the home, but the electronic hub as well. I'll be adding more to this discussion, as I uncover my notes and information from KBIS, still a bit buried! You'll be hearing more from Mark soon, as we "get into" a little discussion about architects and kitchen designers working together. Or, maybe we should call it "Survivor!" Stay tuned for this lively discussion, coming soon.

From another colleague, Peggy Deras, CID, CKD, author of Kitschy Kitchens, Peggy has uncovered some very cool backsplash designs from Rupert Scott. They are fabulous glass works of art. Check it out.

And, an article on the 2007 Kitchen and Bath forecast by The New York Times. this forecast seems to be only about appliances and bathroom fixtures. Incomplete about kitchen design in general, but useful. 

IMG_4382a.jpgAnd, totally unrelated, but which I would love to share with you more often than not in the coming months, an antique rose from my garden, photographed today. This is Mons. Tillier, bred in France in 1891, a Tea rose. Enjoy!

My garden is about to burst, with tons of roses, probably one week from now. I'll keep you posted!