My Day Today In Kitchen World and Beyond

Well, what a day today. That's what's pretty good about life. Who knows where it's going to go at any minute? And, these were fairly mundane events today (no, not a blog about what I had for breakfast.) Just some random, mostly kitchen related items to put out there, mixed with little personal things, which I don't often do. Things just sort of pile up, don't they?

It started with a very slow modem, on and off. Of course, you get several different pieces of advice when you call into the ISP a few different times. One said, get a new modem, one said it's the splitter for sure. So, I got a new modem and felt renewed and happy, all being right with the world again.

Then, I went to the surgeon for a consultation and arranged for subsequent pre surgical appointments (people, especially dedicated and devoted female kitchen designers who do not lift weights, please, um, do not throw yourself into the frey and insist on helping your installer pick up the oven cabinets and cabinets with drawers when he is short handed.) Not good! That's why they invented hand trucks. But, I digress.

After that, I had an appointment with a favorite contractor to look over a client's home for his part in an extensive kitchen renovation, at which time I had the opportunity to measure the space again and hopefully come up with the same numbers as the first time. I'm kidding, this is a kitchen joke. (I DO hope I brought the more accurate tape measure with me this time, I hate when that happens.) Appointment went well. He took copious notes, (and had a fancy laser measuring device.) Like a doctor, I love when I feel confident with a contractor, isn't that the best? This will be one very awesome kitchen, I can promise you that. Think...cabinetry built into, perhaps, stucco framing....a huge arch thing in one whole area (my client calls a cave)....a light khaki distressed cabinet mixed with mahogany cabinetry elsewhere. OK, I'll mention the stone hood. I'll stop there!

Home again, connecting the modem, registering the modem, reading emails from the day, and I'm back in action. To not have a modem is, I'd say, unsettling and also, yes, slighty disturbing. That's all I'll admit to. Oh, while we're at it, let's add to the list, losing a post before I realized the internet was blinking on and off this morning!

Speaking of doctors, since I'm in a rare mood speaking of personal things here and there, I'd like to point you toward a great, GREAT, blog that I seek out daily (it's updated irregularly during the week) that you may wish to pass on to others for one reason or another. It seems, too, that there could be a tiny, charming, kitchen in this blog author's future. Take a look, but be forewarned it WAS fundamentally about dealing with cancer in a very forthright it's about the future. Pass it on where you can and contribute $$$ too if you can and want to. I did.  And, no, I don't know this woman. Never met her. Her writing is simply amazing. I've been checking in every day since mid December. I'd actually love to hear about her plan for the kitchen.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention! While on the east end of Long Island over the weekend, I picked up a copy of The Independent, a paper distributed on...the east end, to check out their article on kitchens, in which I was interviewed. That was fun. A few weeks back, the Southampton Press also did an article on kitchens, in which I was interviewed. More fun! And even more fun, late last week, I was interviewed by a writer for HGTV, and I'll link the article when it goes live on their site. The fun never ends!

Now, on to doing my post of the day, the one I lost this morning! Do over!