ICFF - more great kitchen finds!

Here are a few more wonderful things I found at ICFF. We missed another installment of Scandinavian kitchens yesterday due to the holiday (I was in the garden) and I promise to revisit these kitchens next week. But, I'm real excited to bring these to you. And, no, KBIS is absolutely not forgotten...just want to go through these ICFF items first. I hope you will be glad I did!

Armoire%20Iannone002.jpgHere's a piece I clearly remember seeing early on at ICFF. When I first saw it, I said "Pantry". In fact, it is called an armoire. That's ok. We can change the nomenclature and the use, right? Iannone Design Ltd., manufacturer, is a Philadelphia based design/build firm dedicated to the creation of eco-friendly modern furniture.

I'd like to see this armoire/pantry tricked out with roll out shelves, in custom sizes that I can design into a space, maybe with vertical dividers installed in an upper or lower space, who knows what options there are for this piece?? I can see quite a few already.

This is one happy furniture piece.




sbwstool_lg1.jpgThen, I saw these stools from SMC Furnishings. There is an increased interest in real, authentic wood, splits, cracks, grain variations, and all. I think it's a beautiful expression of what wood is, sort of like people, imperfect. Wait till you see the other very cool stools and benches they have.






FTF%20Design%20StudioAnd, to complete the look for today, is one of a series of tables from FTF Design Studio. Cool, white, chic, hip....it's Corian on the table top, and there are several styles of tables. The table tops are 1/2" thick. FTF also makes a great line of trays for many different uses, including kitchen uses. Very innovative, very modern. FTF Design Studio is the furniture line of Roseann Repetti and her husband, architect West Chin. I CAN see coordinating the table top with surrounding Corian countertops, or matched up with countertops of contrasting materials, such as wood, perhaps. Or, maybe Norweigian slate. But, I digress (again). It's just really very simple and elegant.