Going To The Kitchen Show in Vegas, Baby!

KBIS.jpgIt's Friday at 5:45 pm, the week is offically closed, although I'll be working my head off till the moment I leave early Sunday morning for Vegas to attend KBIS!

I'll be working hard, trying to fit everything in, the fabulous food samples on the show floor by top chefs like Marcus Samuelsson, from the major appliance manufacturers, the massages from Moen at their press event, the press events at top nightclubs...and, oh yes, the products at the booths, l promise to find all kinds of great stuff and dutifully report back. Whether from major manufacturers, or very small, wonderful artisans, the show has it ALL. You'll hear from me during the show!

I got this great new voice recorder thing that does something special with podcasts, so if I can figure it out, I'll be putting up podcasts. I hate my voice (doesn't everyone?) played back, but I'll sacrifice vanity to give you information right from the sources. I'm so revved up for this as I am every year....see you in Vegas, baby!