Retro Kitchens - Nostalgia or Shredder Material? #10

Last week, as part of our Saturday series of 60s-70s kitchens, you were lucky to get color...this week, "the quintessential 70s kitchen." We have

  • soffits 
  • pattern on the soffits
  • brown wood
  • cathedral arched doors
  • that little rail molding around the hood
  • pale yellow formica countertops
  • perfectly finished beams spread far apart
  • a tightly patterned floor
  • cabinets over the peninsula

How lovely. And, for extra pattern, we have the brick surfaced island. I must admit, I'm a little intimidated by the iron work on the end of the island. It freaks me out a little.

See where the dishwasher is on the angle? I hope that floor isn't a rug, because the dishes would be dripping from the sink to the corner. What is in between the sink and dishwasher, is a compactor, another favorite appliance from yesteryear. The whole thing looks pretty choppy to me. And, the hood looks out of proportion to the island, too big and boxy, the whole island thing.

But, even though I criticize, I'm sure many people would have loved this kitchen...hey, maybe even me?  :-)  

 brown kitchen034a.jpg