Seen at KBIS - kitschy kitcheny kolors from SMEG

SMEG is a hugely popular appliance manufacturer in Europe. I know I see it all over Denmark, when I go there and visit the kitchen showrooms, so that's MY sharp eyed reporter's factoid!

SMEG.jpgSMEG is introducing its line of appliances in the USA now, after having received all the various certifications. The line, aesthetically is very interesting, and I mean that in the most positive way. They're bold, they're sexy, they're highly functional and stylish. And, they do not only show retro appliances, like this beautifully simplistic retro refrigerator we see here. They have many modern appliances in their line too, custom designed by an architect, as you will hear in my podcast.  Look to SMEG for BOTH modern and retro appliances. They will be introducing a refrigerator with a larger freezer section soon.

SMEG2.jpgI know Scrappy Girl from Domino has a possible retro fridge fixation in her future kitchen plans. With Scrappy Girl in mind, I sought out a bit more information via my podcast. I'm glad I did...there's not too much information on the website!

Scrappy, I gotta tell you, though, I DID see another booth with colorful retro appliances, the only other booth I saw with them. I was looking from afar, taking a needed rest at the end of the second day, feet up, pointing weakly to that area, (all for the cause and dramatic effect) and then it left my mind and I inadvertently walked in another direction! Of course, I remembered much later what I missed. Maybe I'll find it in a press kit!