Retro Kitchens - Kitchen Fencing Ideas

Hi kitchen fans, the latest installment is here of 60s-70s kitchens, and the last entry of this type for a little while. I think I've made the point, to show examples of kitchens that we can't believe we really either lived in or were designed, in our recent history! I'll put one up every now and then for another laugh and "yikes!" I'll be replacing this feature with a regularly scheduled Saturday "New/Cool Product." It's important to be aware of what is in the marketplace, and so much is in the marketplace in the world of kitchens. And, having attended 3 design shows in May, I have lots of great material to go through, and I'm really picky too.

So, back to the kitchen of today. It sort of looks like iron fencing, doesn't it? And, the aquamarine? Hmmm, not sure I have an explanation for that! The curtains REALLY give away the time period here, don't you think? But, what really bugs me is the typical cabinetry to the left of the image. I think something there could have had a curve to it. Maybe just curved open shelves between the two tall items. It's just not working for me over there. Oh, and the floor, I can't even go there. Have fun!