Scandinavian Kitchens - Beamed Ceilings

There are many Scandinavian kitchens which have beamed ceilings. There are many old buildings, both apartments in the city and old farm homes, which have beams used as structural timbers in the home. Of course, as said before, Scandinavians beautifully mix their contemporary design aesthetic with these old beams, (or in this one case, contemporary styled beams) and they do it with style and confidence. Thus, a home with truly rustic elements does not have to continue this look of "country", even if the floors are old, the walls are textured stone, as well as the ceiling with ancient beams. Some old structures have low ceilings. In these homes we will see beams too, but they may be closer to the ceiling, more shallow, and perhaps painted a light color, looking into blend in, another great look. Enjoy these images, and please look through the previous images in this category in the sidebar to see other great beamed kitchens. Top image is from Tidens Bolig, second image from Bo Bedre. And, again, here's a great Scandinavian blog: Min Lille Veranda.

A blog bonus for today is a recent blog entry by Holly at Decor 8 on Scandinavian design blogs.