Scandinavian Kitchens - vacation villas!

Well, I guess I took an unintended week of vacation from blogging...very busy week last week! But, more about that another time. After all, clients ARE #1!

I'm toying around with the idea of going to Denmark on vacation at the end of August. Which got me into the vacation villa, or "summerhus" as it's called, rental mode. A great place to look at REAL Scandinavian kitchens.  I found some lovely kitchens that may actually make you want to COOK while on vacation, do you think? In any event, surely, the design, and openness of a kitchen plan is conducive to happy and casual living in a rental. Who wants to be isolated in an entirely separate room if you don't have to be. A perfect reason to search for an open kitchen plan. Please go to nice summer and take a look. on "Luxury Cottages."  Nice start.



I also found this great kitchen at klmdesign.dk1.jpg