Kitchens Around The Blogosphere

electrolux_flower_screenfri.jpgToday, I present kitchens to put a smile on your face.

First up is the fabulous Fabulon. I swear, Fabulon is obsessed with kitchens. I've had other great material from this blogging kitchen fan. Oh, and please turn up your speakers when you visit.

Jo and Kim from Desire to Inspire never ever disappoint, with frequent forays into the kitchenworld. Did you ask for more from Desire to Inspire? Ok, you have it, then go here to a beautiful kitchen and here to another beautiful kitchen.

And, also, check out Terramia, for inspiring PINK'll need to exercise your scrolling pointer finger to seek out two kitchens in this post, but it's worth it!

And, a nice idea for a sink/countertop from my colleague Peggy, at Kitchen-exchange.