What Is Kitchen Inspiration?

I have had this glossy GE Monogram brochure opened and folded back to a particular page for months. I have no idea when I got it in the mail. It has traveled from one pile to another pile to another, I'm sure I'm not the only one who does this. It's a reasonable attempt at organization...isn't it??

This first image of the red/cream kitchen just struck me immediately as strong and stunning. I know I would design the cabinetry in a different way, much different. Parts of the cabinetry "speaks" to me, much does not. But, as I often try to communicate to my clients, it's the "feel" of the room, not any one element, that makes a kitchen special. That's the secret ingredient to a wonderful kitchen. It may not be the countertops, or the cabinetry, or the appliances, but all of it and much more working together, each with an important place in the design to collectively evoke a feeling that the owner wants to feel.  Each piece is another layer in the entirety of the design. Each piece plays a key role.

As a kitchen can be an expensive proposition, enormous focus, and justifiably so, is placed on those three elements...cabinetry, appliances, and countertops first and foremost. And that is as it should be. BUT, as we see in this first image, the other layers of paint, yes, simply paint, accessories, and the use of texture, is, well, everything. I don't know about you, but this first kitchen speaks to me. The others are wonderful for other reasons. The message is, every part of the design has valuable work to do. First, however, one must dig deep to explore and discover what one wants and needs to be surrounded by to feel great joy, and comfort, or, for that matter, stimulation! More about that process soon.

Thanks GE Monogram for permitting the use of these images. As stated above, careful selection of appliances in terms of function AND design is also a critical layer. Very critical. These appliances work to enhance the design of the kitchen. That's the goal. Enjoy! 



ge monogram kitchen015.jpgge monogram kitchen023.jpg