Kitchen And Bath Ideas Magazine

I like Meredith's Kitchen And Bath Ideas magazine, I always have. I used it many moons ago as inspiration for my own kitchen design before this profession sucked me in I began in this profession. I have always found them to be right on top of what's happening in kitchens today. Yes, they are a mainstream, old, company, under the Meredith Corp./Better Homes & Gardens umbrella of publications, but I'd strongly advise you to pick up a copy of Kitchen And Bath Ideas today, and here's why. They may not show all the up-to-the-minute, cutting edge, fabulous Italian kitchens over and over, throughout the magazine, but, truthfully, how many people own those kitchens? There's a kitchen style for everyone, and Meredith does a fantastic job of mixing it up in every issue, showing just that, something for everyone. Kitchen and Bath Ideas are as relevant today as they ever have been, and I absolutely use them as a go to source for inspiration. Likewise, on occasion, I am a go-to source for them!

OK, I'm also biased, they've been publishing my projects for 12 years! Two more of my projects coming soon later this year! The inside scoop is that the editors I work with on my featured kitchens uncover every last detail of what happened in the kitchen, why, how, and so on. They're professional, and VERY interested in the planning behind the scenes of the kitchen. It's actually why I have submitted my projects to them for so long.

Orange-Kitchen040.jpgHere's a sneak preview of the July/August issue. Just coming off totally inhaling Holly at Decor 8's post on the color orange, supplemented by Rachel Perl's words of wisdom, there are a few kitchens in here too. Meanwhile, I pick up the Kitchen And Bath Ideas magazine and what do I see but orange! 

If this is not enough, Decor 8 continues with an insightful post on color theory, just what you need to consider when planning all the materials and surfaces we use in the kitchen.

This is a full page image in the magazine. There are pages and pages of other shots of this kitchen which you need to see.  

Also in this issue is a kitchen that was set up at KBIS in Vegas in May. It's a great kitchen to just be in and only leave under protest! Here's another sneak preview, with many images surrounding this feature. I took my own pictures of this kitchen, and also interviewed Kit Selzer, Group Editor, Meredith Special Interest Media Kitchen and Bath Group, who took me around the kitchen. We'll get to that story in greater depth soon. Go get your copy!