Kitchen Planning In The New York Times

The New York Times is my home page for my computer, and I check it throughout the day. It's informative and entertaining, and that MUST be a slogan for some newspaper somewhere!

kitchenB.jpgSo, I see this blog in the Times Home & Garden section called "Dream Home Diaries" and this week, the homeowner is unsure about what to do with the kitchen plan. I immediately went into planning mode (as if I don't already have enough planning to do for my paying clients!) and plunged in.

But there's something really fun about putting your plan out there for the world to give you opinions on, especially for something as important as a kitchen. And, of course, the entertainment part comes in where you get all the many and varied people who have all the answers or chastise the writer for something or other.

After the "enlarge" feature started working on the plan, on the Time's site, my opinion changed about the kitchen design regarding what should go where, since I saw a bigger drawing, and I wrote in again about some alternative ideas that came to me.

Lots of fun, check it out!