Kitchen Tile Styles!

Here is a collection of diverse tile styles that I have become familiar with. I would urge you to look deeper into the links, as there are many wonderfully inspiring tiles quite UNLIKE these that you see here as representatives. Take a look!

KBIS-2007-097a.jpgThe first tile is by a company called Vetro Mosaico.  Oddly, the text says it is tiles for showers, pools, and spas. I think they forgot about the kitchen! They offer a beautiful variety of colored glass, including the ability to do custom blends. They also show glass pebbles, which are very interesting, with an organic sort of look.




tilevera.jpgThe next lovely tile product I'd like to show you is by Tilevera. Tilevera uses 500 master painters to create works of art, all of whom are trained in the heritage of Spain's Talavara region. The tiles are exquisitely deisgned and hand painted. You must look at this collection! 




And, last but not least, some really really (I can use that word twice, right?) truly artistic mosaic tiles and murals from Manet Tiles. Each piece is the result of the time and effort of skillful artisans who are committed to working the clay and natural stone into works of art. I show two here to showcase the diversity in their line. The work is just fantastic. If you are one who wants art in your kitchen, well, this is one great way to get it!