Paris Kitchen Design and Le Desastreaux Tour de France

As the cyclists in Le Tour de France make their way to Paris, a much smaller group than first started in London 3 weeks ago, but we won't go down THAT road, it is still time for celebration. Why? Because it ends in Paris, after all! The cyclists will be making their numerous rounds on the Champs Elysses this Sunday, to the delight of huge, cheering, crowds, always an incredibly beautiful sight. If you haven't seen the ending of le Tour de France, you've just got to!

So, where will you be? Perhaps you have rented an apartment in Paris for the event! Will you be spotted sipping a glass of champagne, or going to the markets for fresh baguettes and fabulous food? Perhaps you will create your own celebration in your luxury Paris apartment kitchen as you gaze upon the chaos below. One can dream of Paris kitchens...oui?

Au Revoir....away for the weekend (thank goodness for the DVR-le Tour is recorded!) Here is your source for luxury Paris apartments at which these beautiful images reside!