Kitchen Trends 2008 - What's To Come?

Do kitchens really change that quickly, from one year to the next? Should we be looking for trends for kitchen design in 2008 and discard what we saw in 2007? What new things will we see for 2008? What do we look for and where do we look?

uploaded-file-41514Progress is a good thing. Progress brings us new ideas, new solutions, a fresh, creative, look at familiar, comfortable, and sometimes, boring, or cumbersome, territory. Often, progress evolves into a trend. Here's where it gets tricky.

Trends, to me, are singular ideas, seen with little differentiation, across numerous manufacturer's product lines and showcased in mass media directed at consumers, resulting in maximum visibility.

A trend which can become highly influential. Take the color black. It's become trendy to incorporate black in cabinetry, even for all the cabinetry in a kitchen. Black kitchens are seen now in shelter magazines, blogs (yes, here too), showroom displays, and manufacturer's brochures. Top image from HGTV.

I don't think black kitchens have ever been on the radar for kitchen a big way. They are now.  So are tiled walls...wide swaths of walls with tiles, often mosaic tile, or, the same, seen all across a backsplash, inlcluding behind a range. Imagine a tiled wall combined with a black kitchen? See image above. Very cool from 2006 (first seen) till...oh, maybe three to five years as a guess? No, be careful going down that road. Kitchen materials are not accessories as in fashion or smaller interior design accessories, easily changed, such as pillows. A kitchen should be designed to last decades.

Let me say it this's best when "fresh, new, creative" comes from original ideas suited to specific situatiions rather than being influenced by the power, and security, of a frequently seen/published/displayed idea.

So, create your own original ideas for 2008. Don't know where to begin? No time? No vision? Then, look for a creative designer, interview her/him carefully, and express your desire for true originality, something special...just for you! Something that is a personal expression, an aesthetic that is yours alone that may even break the rules. Go ahead, color outside the lines. Make it meaningful.

uploaded-file-07627Interested in what's happening now AND expressing your personal vision? Take a look at this kitchen at left. The clients, from the UK, were inspired, Stilton cheese! Now THAT'S what I'm talking about!

I guess that's really my message for all kitchen renovations in 2008. I'll be doing mine this year, and once I started to relax, this past week, the ideas began to flow. It's good advice for anyone. That's the first step.