GE Monogram New York City Showroom Event

I think I've just taken a totally unintended break from my blog. Wendy, a loyal reader, asked if I took a "busman's holiday." So many things have been going on that I want to share with you, large and small, plus something VERY top secret and hushhush (coming soon) but I just have not had the chance until now to sit down and put these thoughts into words.  And now I'm afraid that if I do, this could very well be my longest post in history.  That runs a huge risk, because as we know, it is not difficult for me to go on for paragraphs over a thought or a detail.  So, I think I had better be a bit cautious at this moment! 

You know, I also have to say that I feel I am so lucky.  I feel so fortunate to be in the kitchen and bath  industry.  It is an exciting industry, it is an industry that is creatively exciting, is technologically interesting, fashion oriented, for better or worse, and nearly every one I have ever met, whether fellow designers, manufacturers, whoever, are engaging and intelligent people.  I feel another post coming on, so I think I will stop here. :)

Last night, my husband and I attended the opening of GE Monogram's beautiful, new, showroom at the Architects and Designers building in New York City.  The theme of the showroom is: New York City! Whether shown on walls or floors or other surfaces, the New York theme was everywhere.  There was a glitzy media display, referred to as Times Square, there was an area called Columbus Circle, a lovely section called Central Park, and the number "59" seen repeatedly in black-and-white tiles.  This imitated the 59th street subway stop. Very clever, and very cool. What's not to like, as a typical New Yorker would say?

I had the opportunity to speak with several GE executives, and they even listened carefully to a product idea I had, and described.  We had a nice chat, and I was delighted to hear that my blog was read by at least one of the GE execs I spoke with.  The showroom was absolutely filled with people from the industry, and I enjoyed seeing several people I've known over the years, one for about 20 years. 

Here are images of the showroom.  Enjoy!  Take a look at this wonderful event that I attended.  I was given a tour around the showroom. The more I learn, the more I think that an induction cooktop is the way to go.  More power, more energy efficient, faster response, all desirable attributes. The pro-ranges were substantial looking and very sexy, and, I saw a cooktop grate that flips over and becomes a special wok grate. How about a cooktop with all burners having double burners on each element, one to simmer, one for highest output? Love it. And, just for you, I sampled the wine, hors d'oeuvres, little desserts, and I can report back to you that the food was fantastic!

The images were taken with my iphone, so excuse any loss of quality, just think artsy thoughts... So much more to tell you soon!!